Kumbakonam Tourist Places

Places to Visit in Kumbakonam

  1. Srinivasa Ramanujan House, Kumbakonam

    The famous Indian mathematics genius Srinivasa Ramanujan (1887-1920) lived with his parents on Sarangapani Street in Kumbakonam. He made substantial contributions to the analytical theory of numbers and worked on elliptic functions, continued fractions, and infinite series.

    Ramanujan was born on Dec 22, 1887 in his grandmother’s house at Erode. His father worked as a clerk in a cloth shop and his mother was a housewife. He was completed his School and College education in Kumbakonam.

    Touristers should be visited his home when come to Kumbakonam. This is one of the most important tourist attraction places.

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  2. Kumbakonam Temples

    Adi Kumbeswarar Temple

    Adi Kumbeswarar Temple is an ancient Hindu temple to dedicated God Shiva located at Kumbakonam.The biggest festival of Mahamaham (12 years once) is associated with this temple. This temple contains wonderful pieces of sculpture and architecture. On a single block of stone in the Navarathri Mandapam all the 27 stars and 12 Rasis (signs) have been carved out.



    Airavateeswara Temple

    Airavatesvara Temple is a Hindu Temple located at Darasuran near Kumbakonam. This temple built by Rajendra Cholan in the 12th Century. The sculptures here are of varied themes, ranging from religious to secular. The roof of the temple, too, is well decorated with sculptures and colorful patterns.


    Brahma Temple

    Bramman temple is a Hindu temple located at Kumbakonam near Utchi Pillaiyar Koil. The prime deities in this temple are Shri Bramman, Shri Vedhanaraya Perumal, Shri Narasimha moorthy, Elumalayaan Srinivasa Perumal and Shri Aandaal. There are many mythological stories behind the existence of this temple. These stories also relate to the establishment of this temple town.

    Kasi Viswanathar Temple

    Kasi Viswanathar Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located in Kumbakonam near Mahamaham Tank. The temple has a nava kanniyar (Nine rivers) in the form of deities worshipping Lord Shiva and hence the temple is referred as ‘Nava Kanniyar’ temple.


    Nageswarar Temple

    Nageswarar temple is also known as Nageswara Swami Temple in Kumbakonam is one of the most impressive and the most ancient Shiva temples in Kumbakonam. The orientation is structured in such a way that it allows sunlight inside the temple, right on the sanctum only during the Tamil month of Chithirai (April/May).


    Ramaswamy Temple

    Ramaswamy Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Rama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu located in Kumbakonam. The temple has beautiful architecture pieces and has been built by the Nayakkar kings. Govinda Dikshitar, the prime minister of the Nayaks, constructed the temple.

    Sarangapani Temple

    Sarangapani Temple is a Hindu temple located at Kumbakonam near Utchi Pillaiyar Koil. The main deity is God Vishnu. The Vaishnava deity, Sarangapani, an incarnation of Hindu god Vishnu appeared to a sage called Hema Rishi, who performed penance.