July 17, 2018

Fireworks that Spread Joy and Prosperity this Festival Eve

India is a one nation where people of different harmonious spring together. Festival Island. Dazzling beauty from the top high hills to bottom lower deep spreaded oceans. Firecrackers are part of Indian festivals which are attractive right from the medieval era to the modern era. There are many Indian Festivals and Celebrations. Vibrant sparks across India in almost all parts and states of India from October to January.

Indian Celebrations without Crackers is like a ‘Country without a Ruler’.

Ritualistic Firework

DIWALI, Festival of Lights

One of the most prominent Hindu Festival of India celebrated with crackers and sweets distributed to neighbours. Houses are decorated with lamps, deepams, floral decorations etc. Bursting crackers with friends and family is the happiest moment of the day after Puja at houses. Firecrackers are the big part of the Diwali budget for families.

Crackers on Diwali are a significance to honour Lora Rama his wife Sita, and Lekshmana from Lanka after 14 years of long exile defeated Ravana, the evil.  The Chinese explode bamboo stalks filled with gunpowder for killing evil spirits one thousand years ago, which still exists and persuaded from Europe, Arab and China to India. Hence, fireworks related to Diwali.

Varieties of crackers are there which are mild flower pots, electric crackers, ground round wheel (chakra), rockets, sparklers, explosive bombs ,double shots, sound crackers, novel crackers, Fancy crackers, colour matches and many more which are eye trading in the night  during diwali are now avail on online, you can order your crackers online for Diwali Celebrations.

Eid- Al- Fitr – A Muslims Celebration.

Eid Al Fitr is a remarkable Muslim celebration as the Indian subcontinents were once ruled by Mughal Emperor and British Raj. The night before Eid is Chaand Raat, “Night of Moon”. Muslims go for Eid shopping on that Night, whereas young girls apply Mehandi or henna, wear colourful bangles. Gifts of new clothes, sweets made of vermicelli, Eid –Mubarak wishes will be spread between friends and families. Men and Young people blast fireworks, crackers of colours to the high sky by welcoming Eid, which is a holiday celebration, where they close the fast of 29 or 30 days at sunset or dawn. On this day they visit Muslim pilgrimages or mosque, also donate 2.5% of the total yearly earnings to the needy. This can be give as food or clothes too.

New Year Eve – Celebration of Colours

The last day of the year, December 31 and seventh day of Christmas. Christians gather in churches for midnight services, prayers to thank GOD for another year and many other people go to social places, parties and celebrations. Many walkthrough the fireworks and some light up the fireworks, welcoming the New Year Eve. Enjoyment waves behind throughout the day of January, 1st.

Thrissur Pooram – Mela Celebration

Famous in South India, Kerala for the parade of elephants and drummers, which includes lavish fireworks display as its finale grand celebration. Thrissur Pooram is located 200 km away from Tiruvanthapuram, Kerala. Surrounded by ten temples, this is a one week celebration, were Processions with 100 decked Elephants and drumming competition held.

Bikaner Camel Festival

Camel Festival is celebrated as yearly event by Rajasthan people, for the tough animals survive in deserts which is the most reliable transport source for people. Bikaner is the only place for camel breeding and they were trained for army in early days. Festival starts with parading of beautifully decorated camels on the Junagarh Fort. Celebrations extend camel milking, races, fur design cutting, camel acrobatics, best bread competition and camel beauty pageants. Men from nations come over for pleasure. Apart, the festival highlights are skirt swirling dancers, fire dancers and fireworks that blast during evening and night.


Fireworks or Crackers in Indian Festivals and Celebrations are major part. Dussehra festival of fasting to kill the evil and end with feasting celeb of fireworks is different across India. Dussherra, also known as Vijayadashami celebration is commemorate as killing of Meghnath, Ravana and kumbhakarna by Lord Rama, and to celebrate the victory display fireworks, includes cultural performances, costume plays etc.

Indian Wedding Celebration

India defines diversity. One billion people, 1600 spoke languages, 29 different states, and 9 religions. This is there in Indian Wedding also. In medieval era Fireworks in wedding was a economical status. Wedding is usually held at brides house or wedding hall. The arrival of Groom is an important and fun-filled event, Groom dressed in his wedding attire and with his relatives he goes to the wedding hall in a decorated a horse or elephant or procession people who accompany with groom  spread  flowers for pleasure, big band for music, and Fireworks are displayed all over the way for grand celebration.

Crackers or Fireworks are most important and play a vital role in military victory, religious ceremonies and public celebrations. Two places in India are a hub for Fireworks or Crackers Kolkata in North and Sivakasi in South. India doesn’t export any of the fireworks but distributed within India dealers across the nation can buy crackers online. Military has signed up with Sivakasi to get customized alternatives to the army’s.

Now-a-days for celebrations and festivals, crackers can be delivered at door steps for people ordering through online, Crackers online shopping in sivakasi are becoming a trend as people can buy at low rates from the direct market.

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